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December 10, 2013
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Ultimate NRG Group WIP by Crimson-Soul16 Ultimate NRG Group WIP by Crimson-Soul16
Still a WIP (Work In Progess) so if it looks terrible, that's why :XD:
Hope you all love it, sorry if you don't =p

Chuck - *DarkSonic250 - Ultimate NRG 4 CD3 - Track 14 - Tricky Disco -…
Hammerhead - ~HammerheadTurner - Ultimate NRG 2 CD1 - Track 10 - Static Bounce -…
Rissy - ~RistahSistah - Ultimate NRG 1 CD2 - Track 4 - Do you wanna Dance? -…
Liz - *Crimson-Soul16 - Ultimate NRG 5 CD1 - Track 14 - I Feel so Alive -…
Sissy - =Xssys - Ultimate NRG 1 CD1 - Track 4 - Funkiness of You -…
J - ~Jspeed384 - Ultimate NRG 3 CD 2 - Track 9 - Piece of Heaven -…
Nike - =CHOC0H0LIC - Ultimate NRG 3 CD1 - Track 8 - Trippin' On You -…

Official Sonic Concepts (c) SEGA/ Sonic Team
Art (c) *Crimson-Soul16
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Xssys Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Sis, you have no idea how much I love this :love: And if this is just a WIP, I just can't wait to see the finished version! >w< :dummy: Squeeeeee~! :squee:

They're all lookin' so awesome right there, and so funky~ =p lol

Chuck and J's poses look epic, I wish I could do that. :stare: I think, besides Eliz, they look the most energetic. :giggle:

Nike's and Raser's poses are more laid back, and despite them being tomboy-ish they look lovely in the style you've drawn them, which seems to be a little bit more girly-er. ;p Raser looks so cute, hehehe~~ And Nike's looking all chilled there. B-)

Whew! Go Hammerhead! :lol: His expression and positioning in this pic is awesome, it reminds me of those older disco moves. :XD: I don't know why.

But wow... you made Sissy look so cool... :love: Ehhh, sometimes I wish I could actually be a hedgie in reality. :icont-tplz: The blue eyelids suit her really well. >w< Blue and red aren't two colours that mix super well, but I think you did really good with having both of them with her outfit. Is so coooool! ^o^ :la:

Eliz is just... Eliz. She is EXACTLY how I picture you. =p You look so happy and awesome, and your outfit is just boss, the best, amazing. <3 I love your hat as well, hehe, Gimme~~ >w> It has an 'E' on it, but it'll do very well for me, somehow~ :giggle:

Overall, this is awesome sis, I'll try not to repeat everything I just said in the next version :dummy: lol. Thank you so much for adding Sis, she looks awesome, as always, in your style. Your style is different and quirky, but i've admired it ever since I first watched you :heart: Keep it up Eliz, and sorry for the long comment. ^^; lol


P.S: I love all of them songs in the description, especially the one you gave to Sissy, and i'm really fond of J's tune as well. I've downloaded them both, but i'm probably gunna really get use to the other ones as well. X) Thanks again <3

Crimson-Soul16 Dec 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Sorry for not replying to this sooner Sissssss :nuu:

I'm super duper mega ultra happy you approves :la:
And since I can work on the pic now, I will tries to give you the coloured version :D

Me too Sis, me too :iconstarepatplz:
Dem moves lol
I'm happy with how all their poses came out. Although I did want to draw epic dance moves for Rissy. :stare:
She never runs out of energy me thinks :lol:

I didn't intend for that for Hammerhead :XD: But he does yes :meow:
I can imagine him in the 70's era doing all those dance moves :giggle:
I need to draw her again :stare:
More epicly, and prettiful and stuff. I will do so one day, one dayyyy :iconanimefaceplz:

I wish I could be an epic cat too Sis :cuddle:
I want to run through a world being agile and magical like Sonic characters do :dummy:

Hehe I wish I had the body for that outfit :XD: I would wear that in real life though :giggle:
Oh yeah it is like an E too isnt it? :meow:
Originally that was the capital "sigma" symbol, but E works too.
Nobody needs to know.... :shifty: :XD:
*gives hat* Hat for mah little Sis :giggle:

That's alright Sis, I dun minds either way :aww:
Quirky? :noes: Kai I'll take that in a good way :nod:
(I'd never take things as bad from you Sis :meow:)

No I love long comments, especially from you Sis :dummy:
I just sorry I haven't replied until now ^^;

You're welcome for the Songs, I'm just glad you love them :aww:
Thankies again for your kind words Sissy
:huggle: :cuddle: :tighthug: :glomp: :hug: :heart:~~
CHOC0H0LIC Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my god, I was totally not expecting to see Nike in here. :XD: Honest, I didn't! :giggle: 
This is awesome for a WIP, are you going to finish this? :meow: please say yes XD
But anyways, I love how everybody looks. They look all nice and funky, like they're going to some club or something. :giggle: I really love their expressions, especially Liz and Sissy. :lol: I also love Chuck's epic handstand pose :XD:
I really love how you drew Nike, she looks so cool in your style! I love the clothes you gave her too, I'm tempted to draw her wearing it :XD: Thanks so much for the surprise gift, Siggy :glomp:
The songs are really catchy by the way. :giggle: 'Do You Want to Dance' is stuck in my head. :XD:
Crimson-Soul16 Dec 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
That's good then, extra points for a surpirse :dummy:
I will.... eventually :shifty: I will though! :iconanimefaceplz: :giggle:

Thankies, yush the idea was Liz (me) throwing us all a party coz you guys are so awesome and helped me through when I was at a really low point of my life.
So it's like athank you to you all for being my best buds and stuff :aww:

Gotta love dance poses :heart:
Feel free to if you like, I'm very glad to know you like how I drew her :iconmonkeyloveplz:

Very very welcome buddy :huggle: :heart:
I love them very much yes :giggle: That song too gets stuck in my head easliy :shakefist: =p
I imagine Rissy just spinning around saying "Do you wanna dance?", no idea why though :XD:
CHOC0H0LIC Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
(Sorry for the late reply :XD:)

Yesh! :dummy:
Yay! :icondummywooplz: :giggle:

Oh stop it you :iconohstopityouplz: :XD: Hehe thanks, Liz :giggle: I'm not so good at giving advice, but I try my hardest. :meow: And you're welcome, and thank you too for being a great buddy :dummy: 

Yus :D
Okay :dummy:

I guess it seems like her, doesn't it? :XD:
XxNeonPurplexX Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice picture, i love the poses, are awesome and funny :aww:
Very good job ;w; I hope see more art from you soon :333
Crimson-Soul16 Dec 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Aww thanks buddy, that really means a lot to me :huggle:
I will try to finish it soon yes yes, thank you again :glomp: :heart:~~
XxNeonPurplexX Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your welcome friend :aww: :iconrubcheeksplz:
HammerheadTurner Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Those disco pants //shot

I did not expect this drawing, and I still don't think I understand it. XD

But I love those dance moves that Hammerhead has. O3O #Jealous | D

Great job as always! ^^
Crimson-Soul16 Dec 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
DISCO~~ Gotta love 70's disco clothes :XD:

Haha tis alright. It's meant to be like a gift/thank you to you guys for being so kind recently while I was upset, and just awesome in general.

I always wished I could be an epic dancer. I wanted to learn to breakdance when I was 10. I gave up on those dreams a long time ago though :XD:
Thanks, I hope the full version will look even more epic :)
:huggle: :heart:~~
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